In this mesmerizing world of light catching, timing is everything.

We are constantly surrounded by beauty and sometimes you just have to look after it.

Karsten Honack presents his best images in this section “MIRO”.

“Navegantes”. BCS ,MX

Spending some days fishing  at a  far off beach on the Baja California Peninsula my daughter and I had to sleep on the roof of our car so coyotes would not bother. There we were, as the fog lifted its veil and the milky way startet a splendid show over the horizon. On the beach two lone pangas, inviting us to join a magic journey into the universe.

“Vigilante” BCS, MX

I have always had a passion for our universe. To think about the beyond blows my senses.  One night chasing falling stars in the Baja desert I found this enormous cactus. It must be as old as 300 years. Behind the milky way as old as trillion years…and we three of us… travelling a path through the universe.

“Methusalem” PUE, MX

I wonder how a forest can disappear,  but one sole pine tree survives until finally his time comes to depart. This tree, far over 4000 meters over sea level at the “Paso de Cortéz”, neighbouring the mighty Popocatépetl Volcano, tells a long story as one of the last of its kind. A new generation of pine trees  is risiing and will replace the gone forest and close the cicle of regeneration.

“Ubatuba” BR

As the moonlight bathes the ocean’s surface, a mirror-like reflection emerges—an ethereal pathway that stretches towards the distant horizon. Each cresting wave carries the silvered essence,creating a mesmerizing interplay of light and liquid. A fishing trawler remains us our presence

“Punta Arenas” BCS, MX


As the grey shades mingle with the reflections on the wet sands, the beach becomes a meditation on the interplay of light, time, and the ceaseless movement of the ocean—a timeless tableau frozen in the monochromatic elegance of black and white.

“Honfleur”, FR

The Honfleur harbor unfolds in a symphony of colors, capturing the essence of a historic maritime haven.
The play of light and shadow on the buildings adds depth and texture to the scene, while the reflections in the tranquil waters of the harbor intensify the vibrant colors.

“Sierra Huasteca”, NL, MX

Bathed in the soft glow of the morning light, the sprawling landscape unfolds like a textured tapestry, with rugged peaks and undulating valleys fading into the far off horizon. 
The ethereal quality of the morning light captures the essence of the Sierra’s ancient story etched in the geography, inviting contemplation and admiration for the timeless beauty etched into the landscape.

“Coordillera”, NL, MX

As the sun ascends in the sky, its soft rays create a chiaroscuro effect, casting gentle shadows that accentuate the contours of the mountain range. The interplay of light and shadow adds depth to the composition, highlighting the intricate folds of the Coordillera’s topography.

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